7 Sex Positions For Long Sex Duration

7 Sex Positions For Long Sex Duration

Pleasing their babe is the dream of man as we all know that females take more time to get completely satisfied. The problems are sure to arise if you don’t succeed in letting her reach orgasm. If you are dealing with such a problem, then we are going to help you with this post.

Here, our team is going to tell you about the top 7 sex positions for a longer duration on the bed. Let’s have a look at all and try all one by one this weekend with your partner.

  1. The Spooning Position

Both participants need to keep their faces in the same direction. The male will stay behind the female that gives him enough room for giving penetration in a gentle way. The involvement of shallow penetration makes sure the person lasts longer than other positions.

  1. Scissors

There is a unique and deep angle created by this position that lets the users hit the G-spot wonderfully. The nice grinding action is definitely going to help you for lasting longer.

  1. Butterfly

The next position we want to mention is a butterfly that will go you to a long distance without any need for too deep penetration. Furthermore, a full frontal view is possible with this position.

  1. Side By Side

The fourth position of this post is side by side that demands a little bit maneuvering during the activity. Accommodate your hands for providing direction to your penis.

  1. Lady on Top

Lady on Top is one of the most iconic positions that everyone should try if their goal is to last on the bed for an extended period. Here, the girl has the liberty to control the pace that helps in prolonging the time.

  1. Sitting

Many people underestimate the power of this position, but the reality is it helps in prolonging the experience on the bed. Adding different angles will spice up things in this position for sure.

  1. Intersection

This position is a little bit similar to the scissors position where the girl can have erotic friction along with having a great penetration. You can zoom out the clits with your hands for better stimulation.


Try out any of these sex positions to last longer on the bed by extending your penetration time. Trust us; your girl will love this performance for sure. If you believe we have missed something in the post, please write in the comment section.


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